As a sourcing solutions company, we find those items you need, cost effectively and efficiently. Whether it's something you can't find or simply don't have the time to source, we're there to do the ground work for you.

Strategic sourcing plays an important role in the cost structure and competitiveness of all small and large businesses. By grouping various customers purchases together from similar suppliers, we can bulk buy on your behalf, offering better pricing on items.


The team at WineSpace are well qualified and experienced practitioners in the wine industry. We provide advice and support to a range of wine and viticultural businesses, from the single operator, boutique wineries to large commercial operations. 

This may involve: Assessment of fruit on the vine, winemaking advice in all aspects of the process from fruit to bottling. Wine quality improvements, benchmarking of products, benchmarking of winery procedures and practices. Optimisation of winery or vineyard performance – including wine and fruit quality, costs of production and other issues. Service and advice may be provided on an hourly, project or regular retainer basis. 

For more information on WineSpace Consulting services please call to speak with one of our consultants, or send an email via the contact link on the Contact information page.



"Probably the biggest decision you'll make for your brand apart from the

correct choice of vineyard and vineyard clone for your wines."

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Through the diverse background and skills of the WineSpace team of consultants and associates, we have the capacity to manage a wide range of projects for the wine and beverage industry. Projects range from small scale expansion through to full winery establishments. We recognise that most winemakers may not have the resources to manage their own projects and may require assistance from an organisation that understands their total business. In addressing their specific needs we may take on one of three roles: 

1. As advisers to the winemakers/owners who choose to directly control the project development. In these cases we provide an independent third party assessment of the project at all stages;

2. As an integral part of the project team working closely with the architects, builders, contractors and other participants. In this role we are the winery owner’s representative on the team responsible for developing the winery to suit their production requirements;

3. As overall project managers for the delivery of turn-key wineries in accordance with the client’s budget and time restraints.

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